Liv Outdoor Company Store

LIV Outdoor Company Store

LIV Outdoor is a family owned brand, designed and developed in New England by Birch Outfitters LLC with headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is a quaint tourist town located on the shore, with a picturesque harbor, and a perfect place for the LIV Outdoor company store.

LIV Outdoor is sold in many of America’s top retailers. The company strives to create a brand known for quality and value in the outdoor apparel market, not to mention its incredible and creative design direction. The Company Store follows the same philosophy, where its mission is to bring quality and value to the buyer. When you visit the Liv Outdoor Company Store, expect to find excellent value in a warm, inviting and eclectic space.

LIV Outdoor Company Store
24 Front Street
Salem, MA 01970
telephone: (978) 594-8301